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Day 40: Wished Everyone, Everywhere A Happy Easter

April 1, 2013

RisenBecause of him, we are all saved. Because of him, we can find life forever.

Because of him, I vowed and made this pledge during Lent.

I want to wish you and everyone a wonderful Easter.

It is indeed an amazing day.

We are so blessed.

I am so blessed. So blessed to have shared this with you.

I hope it has made a difference in your life.

I hope it has inspired you to do something similar.

Inside your world.

God bless you and your family.


Day 39: Danced With My Mom

March 31, 2013

I love momYes, of course my Mom is special. But today (while she was visiting for Easter) I wanted to make the evening a little bit more special.

I feel very fortunate that my Mom is still with me. Many cannot say this…..

In fact, a good friend (whose mother passed away recently) reminded me today by saying,

I tell ya Rick, when you see your Mom again you better give her a hug. I wish I could give my Mom a hug just one more time.

No truer words were said.

Not only did I give her a hug, I picked up her hands and danced with her.

I love you Mom.

Day 38: Taking In The Neighbor’s Newspaper

March 29, 2013

BurnettsI noticed that my neighbors are leaving town for Easter, so this weekend I am gladly taking in their newspaper through Sunday.

And any other mailing, etc that might be found outside their front door of course.

They are GOOD neighbors, and I like to be a good neighbor to them as well.

Having good neighbors is one of life’s best blessings.

Day 37: Sent Kindness Notes To Everybody

March 29, 2013

try kindness

Including you!!smallest act

All of these are for you.

Would you please send one (or some) of these images to your friends as well???scattersand

Day 36: Passed Out Free Positive Thoughts

March 28, 2013

Positive thoughtsIt is such fun to print out and place a sign like this one in the general public for anyone to take home.

Very unique, enjoyable way to brighten the day of several passers by!

Try it yourself.

Day 35: Gave A Free Wash At The Laundromat

March 26, 2013

free wash 2What better surprise than to find a free wash waiting for you in coins at the laundromat?

Let’s see if I hear a reply from the lucky person… wash

Day 34: Gave A Candy Bar To The Postman

March 26, 2013

postmanHad another candy bar from a stack I had two weeks ago, and felt like the postman deserved this one.

He’s a very nice man.

Doing his job.

Making his rounds.

Always here, always on time.

And probably ignored by most of us.

Well I wanted to recognize him today.

He deserved it.